Documents to include in an approval application for JI ‘track 1’ project activities

An application for approval of a JI ‘track 1’ project activity shall include at least the following documents:

  1. the letter of approval issued by the focal point of the host country;
  2. the documentation which forms the basis of the approval of the JI project activity by the host country in accordance with the relevant national guidelines of the host country;
  3. a declaration by the applicant that participation in the project activity is in accordance with the relevant guidelines, conditions of implementation and procedures pursuant to the UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol and the relevant Flemish regulation. This declaration shall be drawn up using the Form declaration first track JI project activity (91 kB);
  4. a copy of a valid proof of identification if the applicant is a natural person; the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises identification number or, in the absence thereof, an extract from a trade register or an equivalent document if the applicant is a legal person;
  5. a written declaration by all project participants stating their agreement that the applicant become a project participant, if the applicant has not yet been authorized to participate in the JI project activity.

Hydroelectric project activities exceeding 20 MW

If approval is requested for a hydroelectric project exceeding 20 MW an additional compliance report needs to be submitted with the application for approval. The compliance report must be validated by an Accredited Independent Entity (AIE), accredited for that particular sectoral scope.

For more information about the compliance report please refer to the Guidelines on a common understanding of Article 11b (6) of Directive 2003/87/EC.

Overview documents to include in an approval application for other JI/CDM project activities

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